Workshop Application Instructions

In order to register your workshop, you must follow the instructions and fill out the Workshop Application Form. Make sure you have all the necessary information, including your workshop packet and/or presentation, ready before applying, then fill out the form in order to to complete your application. It shouldn’t take long if you have the information prepared. The Workshop Application Form is due by August 13th, 2021. You will need the following information:

  • Presenter Information – Who are you?
  • Workshop Overview Information – What is the workshop like?
  • Personal Philosophy – Why do want to present a workshop?
  • Workshop Introduction – How will you start the workshop?
  • Icebreakers – What icebreakers will you use?
  • Body of Workshop – What will happen in the workshop?
  • Conclusion – How will you finish the workshop?
  • Outline/Presentation – Upload your workshop packet and/or presentation.

You must upload a workshop packet and/or workshop presentation (in Google Docs, Slides, or PDF format) along with your application – complete this following the included examples before you fill out the workshop application.

Sample Workshop Presentation
Sample Workshop Packet