HS01  Senior Sunrise: How Social Media Can Influence New Ideas

Find out how developing your Student Councils social media presence can influence and inspire other Student Councils events and activities. Get first hand experience in working on spirit boosting videos by making fun and effective TikToks! Network and grow your own social media following as well as your clubs.

HS03  The Climb to Servant Leadership

Join us in our climb to servant leadership! We will be discussing this unorthodox leadership style that will provide you with the skills you need to succeed both outside and inside student council! 

HS05  Sharing Spirit through Social Media

In this workshop, delegates will learn how to utilize social media to inform students of events and grow school spirit. Join us as we share our success and improvements while developing social media use in student council! 

HS02  Plant it Further

This workshop is aimed to educate students about the importance of sustainable practices. Through communication, and fun activities, students will learn about pollinators, natives, and invasives and how they can incorporate a more sustainable approach to their lives and community. As long as this workshop takes place in-person, students will get to plant and take home milkweed. 

HS04  The Value of Diversity

Our workshop contains creative activities that recognize and encourage the importance of  ethnic diversity from three women of color point of view. These activities and discussions are fun and engaging in order to create conversations about implementing diversity and breaking beyond typical/stereotypical inclusions.

HS06  Preventing (and Recovering from) Burnout as Student Leaders

Being an academically driven and extracirruclar committed student leader means endless commitments and work. Have you ever felt paralyzed in that responsibility, unable to complete the tasks you know you need to get done?  If so, you may have experienced burnout. Learn how to prevent burnout as student leaders, as well gain tips for burnout recovery. 

B01  The Pathway to Teamwork

This workshop reveals the pathway to teamwork by allowing delegates to develop and build their teamwork and communication skills. We will achieve this through three different, hands-on activities, which will apply the skills learnt in the workshop.

B03  Bridges of Communication

This workshop focuses on the “Bridges” of Communication, aka: Communication Networks and how to create these Communication “Bridges.” Delegates will learn what communication is and how to use effective communication strategies to increase the efficiency of their council’s communication. Using social media, newsletters, and other effective forms of communication, delegates will learn how to grow their council’s  reputation in their school and community through new communication skills and tactics. 

B05  The One Where Everyone Becomes Friends

If you are looking to make some new friends and learn ways to strengthen your friendships then this workshop is for you. With our team building and friendship activities everyone will leave with a greater outlook on their friendships.

B07  Control in Leadership & Building Trust

This workshop will focus on control in leadership and building trust with peers. By doing various icebreakers and a blindfolded obstacle course, delegates will get to learn the lessons of not being in control and having to have trust in their team. 


In this Netflix themed workshop, delegates will learn how to lower stress levels when overwhelmed with several things. They will also learn how to improve their time management and recognize how to apply those steps in real life scenarios.

B11  Motivation: Working Out Your Potential

 In this action-filled, interactive, and fun packed workshop, delegates will analyze the three core concepts of activation, persistence, and intensity. Each of these three concepts pertain to motivation and reaching one’s fullest potential, and we want to tell you all about them. No wonder after this past year’s difficulties you are looking to attend our workshop about motivation! Come join us as we work out your potential together!!

B13  The Road to Group Collaboration

In this workshop we will have two main activities/icebreakers to show the importance of group work and collaboration. We will cover the topics of communication and working together that make for successful group projects. We will show two videos, one to introduce and one to wrap up the ideas of group work. We hope everyone learns the importance of working together and how group projects do not always have to be dreadful.

B15  Protecting the Environment: Sustainability and Recycling

This workshop will teach delegates how to properly recycle in order to protect the environment. It will also teach about the use of sustainable products and how these tools can be incorporated into communities and councils. 

B17  Communication: The Foundation of a Strong Student Council

This workshop will focus on the importance of communication in student councils. We will be concentrating on three different scenarios in which communication is vital. These topics are information sharing, idea presentation and asking for help.

B19  The Leadership Puzzle

This workshop teaches delegates the characteristics of a leader such as motivation, organization, self-care, and teamwork, and how to utilize each one in order to improve their leadership abilities. Each characteristic represents a puzzle piece that delegates utilize to make their own leadership puzzles. This workshop also teaches delegates that they are not all that different because they all have leadership in common, which represents puzzle pieces fitting together, and completing each others’ leadership puzzles.

B02  Confidence in Speaking

In this workshop, participants will receive a random category where they are to make a flash speech. They will have one minute to come up with it, and 30 seconds to present. These categories can range from Holidays to video games, and the goal is to be able to have more confidence in your public speaking abilities!

B04  Have a Cup of Positivitea

In this workshop, we will be focusing on LOVING yourself. This workshop is fun, interactive, and positive! Within this workshop, we will work on self-love/self-care, transforming negative energy into positive energy, and turning your weaknesses into your strengths. We want to help our delegates to learn to be positive and spread positivity in order to help create a happy and joyful council environment. 

B06  Getting Into It!

In this workshop students will learn how to get into being more involved within their school and council and become more assertive! They’ll learn how to find, seize, and create opportunities.

B08  Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work allows participants to develop stronger teamwork and problem-solving skills while competing in a Shark Tank themed activity. Students will work together in small groups to pitch an imaginary invention that solves a struggle of everyday life.


Do you want to know what a Fish Market in Seattle can teach us about leadership? Then you’re in luck! At our workshop, “F.I.S.H.,” we will be sharing the world renowned philosophy used at the Pike Place Fish Market. The components that will be discussed will show ways that any organization can incorporate fun while still accomplishing tasks and producing successful events that their target audience enjoys. The ‘fish philosophy’ will change your leadership style and our workshop will provide you with direct examples of how leaders can implement them back into their organizations! 

B12  Mental Health Matters

Sometimes, it’s hard to see the struggles of the people we look up to; we often think that they have everything put together. However, this is not the case. Everyone faces struggles in their everyday lives. In this workshop, we will be discussing the 3 most common mental health issues in teenagers (anxiety, depression, and social phobias) as well as strategies to help overcome/ease the impact they have on everyone.

B14  Youth in Government

This workshop is designed for students with a strong interest in government, advocacy, and/or youth empowerment. Here, you will learn about how you can and why you should get involved in government at a young age! Led by the Student Representatives to the Pennsylvania Board of Education, these workshop presenters have experience as student leaders in government, and are passionate about their work and connecting with fellow young leaders like you!

B16  The Ins and Outs of the PASC Executive Board

Our workshop will take delegates through the ins and outs of the PASC Executive board. Delegates will learn about the general purpose of the board along with student positions, how to apply, and what qualities PASC looks for in a student board member.

B18  Cookin’ Up Communication

Welcome chefs! This fun, food network themed workshop will teach you how to be an effective communicator. When it comes to being a good leader, effective communication is the secret ingredient to success!

B20  Mindfulness for Student Leaders

Do you find your mind wandering at times?   Need some ideas on how to stay focused, get more done, and feel good at the same time?  Then this workshop is for you.

MS01  Time Management

This workshop is all about managing your time in a stress free and fun way. Our presentation will help anyone with time management issues get better at using their time wisely and to its full extent. Time management will also really help you grow your leadership skills and become a better member of your council.